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Priya Gupta

Working with holistic nutrition.. | Updated 27 Jul, 2018 |

What are some easy exercises to lose belly fat quickly?


@ | |Updated 28 May, 2019

According to me, bouncing on a trampoline has amazing all-over toning and body-renewing benefits as well as other health benefits .You only need daily 15-20 minutes for a workout the best thing of jumping on trampoline is that it is simple and easy way to get exercise which helps to reduce weight along with huge fun. You can enjoy this activity at home...  (Fitness Trainer).

Aditi Arora

Health Blogger | Posted 22 May, 2019

Get serious, and start given exercising to lose that belly fat!

  1. Twist Crunch. 
  2. Side Crunch. 
  3. Reverse Crunch. 
  4. Vertical Leg Crunch.
  5. Bicycle Exercise. 
  6. Lunge Twist.
  7. The Stomach Vacuum

Having a tough time getting your stomach into a shape you’d like? We show you some simple routines that work. Read more health care tips Here.

Swati Khandelwal

Writer | |Updated 22 May, 2019

Belly WorkoutsExtra layer on our belly really bothers most and we always want to lose it as quickly as possible. But without moving yourself out of your comfort zone is not possible. Losing belly fat also require more attention. Here's the perfect belly workout list to reduce extra belly fat.


Paul Gonzales

Health Writer | Posted 22 Feb, 2019

Below I am mentioning 5 important exercises if you do daily on alternate basis then I will definitely give you the guarantee within 1 month you can see the change in your belly. So let's start with :

1) Crunches - Do 10 repetition of exercises as a beginner, when you get used to then increase the sets. 2)Side Crunches

3)Reverse Crunches

4)Lunge Twist

5)Rolling Plank Exercise

 Always make sure before exercise drinks a black coffee which helps you to give core strength to perform these exercises and also help in fat burning.


@lucky | Posted 20 Feb, 2019

How to get dream abs? This is a million dollar question.
Everyone wants to get flat abs, but everyone fails to reach the fitness goals, either because of a faulty nutrition plan or a faulty exercise plan.
Only doing sit-ups is not going to help as you have to include different kinds of exercises that hit different muscle groups such as the frontal, sagittal, and transverse.
Also, HIIT is an exercise that really makes your muscles work extra hard and helps get rid of the love handles that isn’t what you can call a sight for sore eyes.
Try any of these workouts for abs improvement at home and watch your abs transform for the good!
Motivation peppered with determination and perseverance is the key to get those washboard abs. Make sure you have liberal doses of all three when you include these ab exercises.
7 Good Ab Exercises To Get A Flat Belly
Regularly doing some good ab workouts at home, such as the seven below, will give you a flat belly ASAP.

1. Barbell Squat
Good Ab Workouts - Barbell Squats
A squat is a great way of activating the muscle fiber rates in the ***** abdominis, transverse abdominis, and also in your internal and external obliques.
This is one of those good ab workouts that can’t be missed, especially when you’re performing your flat abs workout routine.
How to do it right:
Keep your feet shoulder-width apart, and the barbell on the back of your shoulders.
Now, lower your body toward the floor and send your hips back and down while you bend your knees.
Push back your heels to get back to the start position. Ensure that your back is flat and your head stays straight while you maintain the movement.
2. V Ups
Good Ab Workouts - V Ups
This move helps activate all of the abdominal muscles and that includes ***** abdominis, internal and external obliques, and also the transverse abdominis. The movement is not very difficult to follow either.
How to do it right:
Lie down on the floor and relax while you extend your arms right above your head and raise your legs keeping it suspended in the air at a 45-degree angle.
Breathe deep and try to roll your head and shoulders off the mat while you continue to push your ribs down toward your hip bones and gently breathe out.
Lift your torso off the mat while you keep your core engaged.
Position your arms in a way that your arms and legs are parallel to one another. Stay in the position for two steady counts and keep breathing gently.
Roll back to the starting position and back to the mat.
3. Reverse Pushup
Good Ab Workouts - Inverted Row
The reverse pushup is a bodyweight exercise and is also known as an inverted row. It works on your core and upper body muscles, shoulders, arms, also your legs and back.
How to do it right:
Lie down with your back under a fixed horizontal bar.
Grab the bar with an overhand grip, maintain a shoulder-width distance.
The bar should help you stretch your arms to the maximum extent and your upper back does not touch the floor.
Position your heels on an exercise bench and maintain a distance of hip-width apart.
Align your legs and upper body in a straight line and raise your upper body.
Get back to the starting position till your arms are fully stretched again. Do at least three sets of it with 10 exercises each.
4. Plank Reach Out
Good Ab Workouts - Plank Reach
This exercise works your entire core. It is one of the best exercises to do at home for abs.
How to do it right:
Start with a push-up position; and maintain a straight alignment from your shoulders till it reaches your toes.
Lift your right hand and the opposite leg.
Get back into the plank position and then repeat the process on the other side, that is one arm and opposite leg. This completes one leg.

Bharathi Priyadarshini

@letsuser | Posted 15 Jun, 2018

worried about the tummy bulge you see every time you look down? don't worry here are a few simple exercises that will help you reduce the fat around your belly. 

half-crunches: take a yoga mat or an exercise mat and lie flat on it. Bend your knees and place your hands beneath your head. Now lift your head and your shoulders (just the upper part of your torso). you should feel some pressure on the muscles above your abdomen. Do these in sets. 1 set should include 20. Depending on your stamina you can do 2 sets everyday and gradually increase it.

half leg raises: Take a yoga mat again. Lie flat on it, raise your legs in the air and bend them at the knees. Stretch your legs forward so that they are at a 45 degree angle and bring bend them again at the knees bringing them back to he initial position. This exercise works on the lower abdomen muscles therefore you should feel the pressure on your lower abdomen. Do this exercise in sets. 20 times in 1 set. 2 sets should be sufficient if you are a beginner and then you can gradually increase the number of sets.

Now it's very important to exercise not because you want to stay slim. Your aim should be to stay healthy. You will only see results When you combine a healthy diet with exercise! These are simple exercises and focus on your breathing while you do them.

Sushmita Ghangas

@letsuser | Posted 15 Jun, 2018

Is belly fat giving you nightmares? Are exercises for belly fat too difficult? In today’s world when food adulteration and consumption of fast food is increasing, it is no surprise that many of you have belly fat. The proportion may be little or more, but belly fat is surely there. Thus, it is very important to lose belly fat and live a healthy life. Some disadvantages of belly fat may be discomfort in bending, restricted physical movement and difficulty to fit into your old outfits. Exercises to reduce belly fat are not a myth. And if you’re too lazy, you can still reduce belly fat. That’s the catch! You can now do easy exercises to lose belly fat. Read ahead now to find exercises for belly fat which are as simple as can be.

• Lunges: You simply need to sit on one knee and with one leg extended backwards and the other folded at a right angle. Definitely that’s one of the easiest exercises for belly fat that can be.

• Air Cycling: This means that you need to lie flat on your back on a yoga carpet and move both your legs as if you are cycling while lying down. Since you keep pedaling in the air, this is called air cycling.

• Bending: You can do this simply while doing daily day to day activities. This is bound to help you lose belly fat and not be an added burden on your shoulders either.